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This production investigates female intimacy through the lens of objectum sexuality. This piece follows a woman who is in love with a cake as she faces taking their relationship to a new level.

Written by Caitlin Lavery
Directed by Elaine Rava

[CAKE’s] tone is consistently earnest, explorative - sometimes serious, often insecure, but also playful and overall endearing. When the show begins, you can’t help but wonder where this can possibly go - what can you do with a cake that will be entertaining for a whole hour? As it turns out, a lot.
— Aridhi Anderson

melbourne fringe festival

This is a story about a woman who’s in love with a cheesecake and a cheesecake who’s probably, basically in love with her back.

This is the true account of the first and only night they spent with one another… intimately, like smooshing bits of themselves together.

A modern day fable of love, courage and most importantly soft lighting.

This is the story of …


Warning: Contains moderate coarse language, adult themeS



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